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Do you love your body? Are you seeking to better understand what your body is really asking for in regards to food, movement and your daily lifestyle choices? Do you struggle with your weight, health or self image? Or accepting where your energy (or lack of it) is right now? You are not alone.

For the first half of my life I struggled with poor self image, eating disorders and constantly comparing myself to everyone else. This created a lot of challenge both internally but also physically, until I finally began to become conscious around my body, while also learning to love myself unconditionally.

Intuitive Eating To Love Your Body was designed to:

-improve your body mind intuition so you can better understand what choices may be right for you to improve your health and wellness

-improve your confidence and self image to love yourself and know you are worthy and deserving of feeling good and being well

-explore your body mind connection relationship to communicate wellness intention and better navigate daily energy challenges

In this Intuitive Eating To Love Your Body e-course you will discover your own power of body intuition and completely unique personal body mind connection. Understanding this dynamic allows you to be empowered so you can begin to change your own limiting negative patterns, while improving your wellness.

As a born intuitive who was allergic to almost everything and dealing with overload of simulation daily, it took me decades to find my own personal lifestyle needs. I created and designed this course using that knowledge to share with you what took me decades to develop and harness, so you can benefit from understanding the power of your own body mind connection.

Once I got clear about the energy of what I was choosing in my daily lifestyle choices and began to honor what my body was really asking for EVERYTHING changed. In each section of this program you build on concepts while getting focused on what you would like to personally improve for yourself. This allows you to get clear on your own specific areas of where you could benefit from change. You will also be shown awesome energy tools to be able to gauge where your life is now, so you can develop your own intuition to know what your physical, emotional and subtle bodies are really craving!

This course IS for you if:

1- You are open to change and willing to apply the focus techniques provided as you begin to develop your own body intuition

2- You care about yourself but know there is a deeper level of self acceptance, self love and personal care you are ready to begin living today

3- You are ready to tap into what your body is really capable of and begin to create your own wellness instead of hoping for the best

This course is NOT for you if:

1- You are seeking to passively listen to information and not really commit to tangible actions steps that will be necessary for actual change

2- You do not think energy awareness and or body mind connection plays a major role in wellness

3- You are not willing to own where you are and get honest about where you could be more conscious in your choices and life

Most segments include energy assignments to improve your level of body mind connection so you can begin to intuit your own lifestyle needs for yourself. My goal is for you to become intuitively empowered and able to anticipate what choices may be healthy for you. This will also let you prioritize and improve more of your own lifestyle choices unique to your specific personal circumstances.

This course also includes how to clear blocks from early influences and family conditioning that may be holding a negative self image in place. Tap into law of attraction based inspired positive vibrational alignment practice with a body love loop. The program can be used 24/7 at your convenience.

If you have more questions to see if this is right for you:

Visit to request application call with Cathleen. Must be approved before starting program.

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Cathleen Miller
Cathleen Miller

Cathleen Miller is a holistic mediumTM, author, medical & business intuitive and expert therapy practitioner. Her passion is to inspire and coach clients into their own intuitive body-mind connection to live healthier and more successful lives. As a born medium, she began an alternative life path from a very young age due to early health issues and gifted intuitive abilities. Today she combines her innate gifts with almost two decades of professional alternative therapy training with top global leaders in energy medicine. Cathleen is passionate about nature conservation, meditation, healthy lifestyle and conscious wellness travel. She also creates and leads life transformational soul retreat programs at sacred sites around the world. See her full media bio here.

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When does the course start and finish?
This is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. You can retake any module at any time in the future whenever you like, to continue positive progress from your prior course experience. .
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you can access your course for 6 months

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