Clearing Body Trauma

Transformation process for new wellbeing

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Everyone has trauma residue of some kind. This may be as simple or as complex as recent or old injuries, accidents, or any level of abuse that has damaged your physical, mental, emotional and soul connection. No matter what level of trauma you have experienced, this video and audio clearing will begin to clear and release old or recent trauma residue energies on every level.

It does not matter if you are new to energy therapy, or if you are a pro in the wellness field, everyone will receive what they are ready for each time they use this simple yet powerful clearing audio. Using this energy balancing process again and again will have ongoing benefits for yours you open to receiving more. Also includes wellness journal support tips to mark your progress. This process will open and strengthen your personal awareness to let the past go, while also allowing more ease, happiness and wellbeing.

Your Instructor

Cathleen Miller
Cathleen Miller

Cathleen Miller is a holistic mediumTM, author, medical & business intuitive and expert therapy practitioner. Her passion is to inspire and coach clients into their own intuitive body-mind connection to live healthier and more successful lives. As a born medium, she began an alternative life path from a very young age due to early health issues and gifted intuitive abilities. Today she combines her innate gifts with almost two decades of professional alternative therapy training with top global leaders in energy medicine. Cathleen is passionate about nature conservation, meditation, healthy lifestyle and conscious wellness travel. She also creates and leads life transformational soul retreat programs at sacred sites around the world. See her full media bio here.

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